About me

Who am I?


My name’s Ascari Romo, I’m from Mexico, hidalgo state. I have 22 years old.

I like everything related to the sciences computing, especially I like much the programming, but in my work I am beginner of Software Architect.

I plan to study a postgraduate at CIMAT or UNAM (IMAS) in  Computer Science.

The Computer Science Department at CIMAT is currently one of the most important computing groups in the country. Its activities are oriented to research, technological development, and formation of human resources. It is a member of the Network for Development and Research of Information Technology (REDII) sponsored by the National Board of Science and Technology (CONACyT), which groups together the eleven main computer science research and teaching institutions in the country.

Contact me:

My msn in Windows Live: molder@programador.com


Yahoo Messenger: windoctorxp@yahoo.com.mx

but if you want write me a email : windoctor@mexico.com